OFB Foam is classified as non-hazardous according to the criteria of National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC), and non-dangerous goods. Neither OFB Foam itself or any of its components are rated as toxic. Consequently run-off of OFB foam will not pose an environmental threat at normal dilution levels. Additionally OFB Foam is stable, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive and readily biodegradable.


One litre of water expands to approximately 30 litres of foam using OFB CAFS systems, and OFB foam extinguishes fires over 4 times faster than plain water. It densely blankets fires to rapidly extinguish them and prevent reignition. OFB Foam also continues to smother the fuel well after the flame has gone out.


OFB Foam has been demonstrated to meet or exceed the standards for the extinguishment of Class A, Class B and Class C fires set by LASTFIRE (Large Atmospheric Storage Tank Fires). These standards define best practice for a fire-fighting foam in the petro-chemical industry. The LASTFIRE tests were conducted at the Fiskville Country Fire Authority in Victoria in the presence of fire experts from the Melbourne University of Technology. In these tests fires in a UL certified prop, fuelled by 300 litres of heptane and reaching 800 degrees centigrade were extinguished in 13 seconds. This was an outstanding result considering that the LASTFIRE standard specifies a maximum time of 30 minutes for such a fire to be extinguished without re-ignition, and the highest marks are scored if the fire is extinguished in under 6 minutes. Consequently OFB Fire received the highest pass mark of any fire system tested.


OFB foam can use fresh, salt or brackish water. OFB Foam can also be used to extinguish Class A, B, C, D & F/K fires, which include ordinary flammables like wood, paper, plastic, trash, all flammable liquids and gas like petroleum, aviation fuel and other types of hydro-carbon fires, combustible metals like magnesium, and cooking oils and fats. It requires little cleanup and is kind to both operators and equipment.


OFB Fire has developed both a high expansion foam (OFB Foam 1) and a low expansion foam (OFB Foam 3) to effectively handle all fire fighting requirements.
With the recent trouble in the industry concerning the PFAS and PFOS chemicals, OFB foams 1 and 3 have been suggested as the replacements.

OFB r and d departments are always working to develop more environmentally friendly and revolutionary products for the fire fighting industry.

Minimum to no clean up required after using OFB foams 1 and 3. They are the only foams that we know of that can safely enter the storm water system without any damage to the environment. All other foams have to be contained in a sump and be disposed of – a very costly method .

Both OFB foam 1 and foam 3 are highly effective on wild-land fires and can be used out of an aircraft to extinguish these fires.

They have also been trialed through MINDEF programs and have successfully extinguished exotic fuels, ie. Lithium, white phospherous, and the other exotic components used in weaponry.


Our high expansion foam was developed in october 2018 at the request of mines rescue hunter valley nsw, who asked us to develop a thick shaving type foam that could be utilized to fill the drill holes to alleviate the risk of fires that   start when they are drilling core holes through the coal seams.

With it ’ s deep seated penetration, it attacks the radiant heat. It is proven highly effective at leaving the membrane intact over petrochemical pool fires. 

On petrochemical fires, the foam immediately attacks the hydrocarbons and dissipates them.   In recent tests on heptane fires burning at 800 degrees celsius, this foam brought down the temperature to ambient on extinguishment. 

This foam is highly effective on all fires except electrical (a,b,c,d class fires)

On structural fires, the foam will cling on a vertical surface and hangs there.   It immediately starves the fire of oxygen resulting in rapid extinguishment.

OFB foam 3 is bio-degradable, has a 10 year shelf life, environmentally friendly and has no PFAS or PFOS.   The feed-back from the industry is that OFB foams  1 and 3 are revolutionary products.